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Alpha Piling is among the leading piling contractors in London, providing high-end piling services for over twenty years. We have a versatile fleet of SFA piling rigs outfitted with cutting-edge features, making them capable of working even in the toughest conditions.

If you are looking for a reliable company that offers SFA rig hire in London, your search has ended. Contact our services to discuss your piling job and we will provide the suitable SFA drilling rig for your project.

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What Are SFA Drilling Rigs?

Sectional flight auger, or SFA piling, is a popular drilling technique used all across the globe for urban construction. SFA drilling rigs use hollow drilling shafts that can be connected with each other in a series connection, allowing the engineers to drill to any depth, even with restricted headroom, such as basements.

Drilling Depth of SFA rigs ranges from a few metres to over one hundred metres.

Drilling Speed of these rigs can reach up to a maximum of 2.7 km/h.

Power Sources for these drilling rigs are electric and hydraulic systems and diesel engines.

Transportation is generally carried out through trailers. Some rigs are mounted on crawler tracks or trucks.

Safety Features of SFA drilling rigs include emergency shut-off switches, fall protection, and safety guardrails.

Drill Bits of various types can be used, depending on the project, including PDC and tricone drill bits.

Hoisting Systems are also installed on these rigs to lift and lower drill collars, pipes, and other components.

Alpha Piling is among the top SFA rig hire contractors in London, offering cutting-edge piling rigs for various domestic and commercial applications. You can contact us to discuss your piling project with our experts.


Benefits of SFA Piling Rigs

  • Tailored-made piling rigs to work in restricted access conditions.
  • Efficiently install CFA piles in low headroom conditions.
  • Do not require the use of polymers, bentonites, or casing to stabilise the borehole.
  • Quiet, fast, and vibration-free, making them suitable for urban applications.
  • Highly versatile and can be used in various ground conditions.
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Where Can We Help You?

Our SFA piling rigs can be used in diverse commercial and residential applications, regardless of their scale and complexity, including the following:

  • Structural foundations
  • Underpinning
  • Secant and contiguous piled walls
  • Sites with logistical constraints

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Alpha Piling is a licenced and registered piling contractor, developing bespoke piling foundations for more than two decades. We are offering SFA rig hire in London for commercial and domestic applications at highly competitive costs. You can contact us today to hire cutting-edge piling rigs.

Frequently Asked Questions

SFA piling uses interconnected sections of hollow stem shafts to construct structural piles in low headroom conditions. It generates low noise and vibrations and is normally used in urban settings.

Its cost depends on various factors, such as:

  • Rig type
  • Project location
  • The time it is needed
  • Number of piles

You can contact our specialists for a precise cost estimate.

Yes, we have a team of expert engineers who can design and execute the finest SFA piling in London.

Yes, we are a highly experienced company offering a versatile range of piling services, including:

  • CFA piling
  • Open bore piling
  • Mini piling
  • Secant piled walls
  • Contiguous piled walls