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Piling Services in Leicestershire

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Piling Services in Leicestershire

Piling is all about laying the sound foundations of a building upon which it can stand safely for years. Strong and reliable piling requires availing of the services from an experienced piling firm having a good record in piling services. Trusted piling services not only satisfy you in terms of your structural safety but also save your investment for a longer period.

Alpha Piling LTD piques itself on trustable and professional services in piling in Leicestershire. We fulfil your purpose of getting a strong and long-lasting foundation and have years-long experience in laying piles for commercial and domestic projects. With a well-equipped team of dedicated professionals, we ensure to serve you with optimal professionalism.

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Benefits of Piling

Getting commercial piling services in Leicestershire is beneficial in many aspects.

Strong Base

With piling, we provide you with a strong base that will enable your structure to stand for lifetimes.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Pile foundations are laid deep down in the ground and they are not visible, giving your structure a presentable look. Our piling contractors in Leicestershire ensure just that and make your building sturdy and also aesthetically attractive.

Feasible for All Types of Projects

No matter the location and size of your house or commercial building, piling foundations can be laid under it, making your home stand for decades. As piling promises a firm base for your structure, with piling in Leicestershire, you can have a reliable basis for your home or office.

Piling Services Leicestershire

Vital for Deep Installations

Construction in deep lands seems a great problem but with the best piling company in Leicestershire, it won’t be a problem. Piling is a great technique that would work effectively in areas with significant depth.

Compaction of Soil

Weak soil appears as a significant concern for builders to construct a structure on. Remarkably, our piling services in Leicestershire offer you the solution. Via driven piles, you can press and compact the soil to make it stiffened. It makes your soil strong enough to bear a heavy structure.

Uses of Piling

In the contemporary era, piling appears to be a tremendous construction technique. You can provide sturdy foundations to a hefty structure by utilising deep-dug columns. Typically, piling becomes more advantageous when the soil is not stiff enough to carry heavy structures.

To serve the ultimate purpose of strong foundations, piling must be carried out very carefully. A skilled engineer studies all the parameters thoroughly before proceeding. Consequently, this cautious study results in uniform distribution of the weight over the soil rather than concentrating it on certain points.

Below are some conditions when piling becomes highly important:

  • If the structure has any drainage system nearby.
  • If the ground water table is higher than usual.
  • If the soil excavation becomes impossible due to poor soil conditions.
  • If the nearby soil is compressible.
  • If there is a heavy seepage and it becomes difficult to keep trenches dry.
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Piling Service Leicestershire
Piling Service in Leicestershire

Piling Company in Leicestershire: Why Us?


Alpha Piling Ltd is an experienced piling company with a track record of multiple piling projects successfully completed within half a decade. We are well aware of the nitty gritty of piling to lay a sound basis for your building.

Skilled Labor

It is the expertise of labour that provides you with the desired structure and transforms your dream project into a reality. That’s the ultimate reason we have well-trained and skilful piling specialists in Leicestershire that complete your project with great dedication.

Client Satisfaction

Our happy clients are our assets and we try our level best to provide quality services to our clients. We have over 95% happy clients which speak about our perseverance and determination in our profession.

Modern Equipment

We have got all the latest machines to complete every task in the best possible manner. If you need local piling services in Leicestershire for your domestic or commercial project, we are always ready to take on the challenge.

Quality Services

Piling contractors Leicestershire provide reliable and quality services to their clients. Over 3500 individuals trust us and this reflects our tradition of providing standard services that exceed your expectations.

A Certified Company

Alpha Piling Ltd is a registered company certified by the CHAS, SMAS and Constructionline, a proof of our integrity and high standards.