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Piling refers to the installation of piles under a structure to serve as foundations. They are a type of deep foundation and are constructed where subsurface soil is not compact or resilient enough to handle loads of the building. They penetrate the soil deep and reach the stiffer and more resilient layers of soil to transfer loads of the building.

Piling has practically enabled architects and engineers to go beyond the limits and construct gravity-defying structures on the face of the earth. Structural piles not only bear the vertical loads of the building but also anchor the structure firmly against any lateral forces, which has made them a popular choice for buildings with unorthodox architectural designs.

Alpha Piling Surrey provides all kinds of domestic and commercial piling services in Surrey. They house a competent team of architects and civil engineers and offer complete services from design to piles installation. Their vast experience has polished them to be piling specialists in Surrey.

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Benefits of Piling

  • Piles can be cast well before and can save a lot of time.
  • They can penetrate any depth and allow us to build to any height.
  • They can keep the building firm against any lateral movements like strong winds, tornados or earthquakes.
  • They can be prepared to any specifications.
  • Piles can be installed in very large areas.
  • They can also be used for underpinning purposes.

Types of Piles

Based on Working Principal

Based on their working principle and how they transfer the loads they are bearing, structural piles are divided into two categories:

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Piling Contractors in Surrey

Based on their working principle and how they transfer the loads they are bearing, structural piles are divided into two categories:

Friction Piles

Friction piles use a simple phenomenon of friction between their surface and the soil to transfer loads of the building to the soil. Friction piles are used when subsurface soil is not strong enough to create large forces of friction that can keep the piles firmly in place.

End Bearing Piles

End-bearing piles, like their name, only bear and transfer loads from their ends. They are installed where a strong, rocky substratum is available that can handle the heavy loads of the structure. They are also used in areas where the water table is high because they can bypass the water and transfer the loads directly into the strong stratum.

Based on their Method of Installation

There are two main types of piles based on their method of installation:

Based on Working Principal

These piles are used where the soil is not compact enough to hold the piles in place. They are driven through the soil and, as a result, compact the soil around them and get locked tightly. They are very suitable for underwater constructions and slushy soils.

Bored Piles

In bored piles, a hole is bored up to the depth where sturdy soil is available. The steel rebars are inserted into the hole and concrete is poured. They are suitable where strong subsurface soil is available to install end-bearing piles.

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Piling Contractor in Surrey

Why Hire a Piling Company in Surrey?

Although piling offers a lot of benefits, it is not easy to determine the suitable type and dimensions for piles. Massive calculations along with intensive soil surveys and testing are required to attain sufficient data, and a structural engineer needs to be engaged for its structural design. You can engage local piling services in Surrey to carry out all the complex engineering-related tasks for your project.

Furthermore, the installation of structural piles is a very delicate process and requires expert and efficient engineers and foremen; otherwise, they might get damaged during the process. This will not only increase the cost but also compel you to shift the timeline of the project.

Alpha Piling is one of the best piling contractors Surrey has to offer. You can hire us and we will take care of all piling-related tasks.

Why Alpha Piling Surrey?

Our Experience:

Alpha Piling is an experienced company and has carried out many commercial and domestic piling projects. Our long experience has rendered us experts in piling projects.

Our Team:

Alpha Piling has some of the most experienced civil and structural engineers in Surrey. They are capable of taking any piling project to completion regardless of its size.

Our Services:

Alpha Piling provides complete services from design to finish at one place. You can hire us and then sit back and relax while we carry out the job.

Safety is on the top:

We know that construction projects have to follow rigorous safety standards because of the heavy machinery and debris all over the site. We make sure that we follow every safety regulation during the project to avoid any unwanted incidents on-site.