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All our work force have extensive training and experience along with relevant accreditations specific to their role on site

In Barking, Alpha Piling LTD provides expert piling foundation services that are affordable, dependable, and unmatched in terms of client satisfaction. Our certified and experienced team will put forth great effort to meet your goals while being mindful of ground conditions and project timeline.

Our structural engineers determine the necessary dimensions, including pile diameter and depth, based on accessibility and ground conditions. We are capable of managing the entire piling process, from the first point of contact to design and implementation. We have state-of-the-art piling rigs that can be utilised even in the most challenging ground conditions.

Our piling services extend to both residential and commercial clients in Barking. Contact us today to give you structure and a strong foundation that will last for years.

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What Are We Offering?

As we are licenced piling contractors in Barking, We provide a variety of solutions to our clients based on their requirements, such as:

Mini Piling

As the name implies, mini piling is the installation of piles with a smaller diameter than standard piling. Alpha Piling specialises in providing excellent mini piling solutions that blend professional craftsmanship and affordable cost.

CFA Piling

Our company is regarded as one of Barking’s top providers of CFA piling contractors. Our expert and certified engineers are committed to offering Barking’s best CFA pile constructions.

SFA Piling

We also offer our clients reliable and trustworthy SFA piling services. Our licenced specialists offer cutting-edge foundation solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

Open Bored and Cased Rotary Piling

We provide complete design and construction services, as well as comprehensive consulting, for cased, open-bored, or rotary piling foundations. By utilising our rotary piling rigs, we can provide reliable piling solution for our clients’ projects across the UK.


Why Choose Alpha Piling LTD?

  • Competitive Rates:We retain our excellent standards while providing competitive prices. Get a quote or book now.
  • Licenced Team:Our team not only brings a wealth of knowledge to every job but is also properly qualified and offers secure construction services.
  • Staggering Experience:We specialise in piling and foundation work and have over 20 years of experience in this field.
  • Broad Range of Services:Alpha Piling can handle a wide range of building construction projects and offers different types of piling solutions.
  • Fully Equipped:Our modern equipment and rigs enable us to deliver effective installations in any ground condition.
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If you’re looking for a reputable company in your area to provide piling in Barking, get in touch with us. Our specialists are available and ready to talk with you about your project and offer you customised solutions that fit your ground conditions and construction objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, you might have to pay £300 per square metre for the piling. Bear in mind that this cost estimate is subject to change based on variables we have covered in earlier sections.

Large volumes of concrete, steel, or timber are inserted into the ground during the piling process. These components’ deep insertion guarantees a more durable foundation for the building project.

They are usually employed in scenarios where top layer of the soil is feeble, or contaminated and cannot support the weight of the structure.

There are multiple benefits of piling foundation, such as:

  • Suitable for restricted access areas
  • Effectively improves structural integrity
  • Highly versatile
  • A rapid, cost-effective solution