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In the areas with limited access and low headroom conditions, drilled piling techniques, such as SFA piling, are employed to install mini CFA piles of up to 900mm in diameter. The primary benefits of SFA piling are its speed, noiselessness, and low vibrations.

Being among the most demanding techniques in terms of precision and accuracy, SFA piling requires a high-performance SFA rig. At Alpha Piling Ltd. we deliver specialised construction services by employing licenced operators for SFA rig hire in Birmingham and its surroundings.

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Wide Applicability of SFA Rig Hire

SFA rigs are designed to perform SFA or Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling. Here are some applications of SFA rig hire:

  • Foundation Construction: Successfully drilling boreholes and erecting piles as per the design of a building foundation.
  • Retaining Walls and Slope Stability: Securing slopes and building retaining walls to inhibit erosion.
  • Infrastructure Projects: Strengthening the foundations for bridges, culverts, and other structures.
  • Renewable Energy Installations: Installing foundations for wind turbines in a variety of terrains.

Benefits of Our SFA Rig Services

At our core, we prioritise your project’s success by offering unparalleled advantages with our SFA piling rig services:

  • Site Accessibility Made Easy: With SFA rig hire, ensure no space limitations hinder your project’s progress.
  • Noise- and Vibration-Free: Our low-noise and vibration-friendly equipment operates in a way that does not disturb surrounding structures and environments.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: The cost-efficiency of our deep foundation projects will be one of our core competencies that you can count on us to deliver.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Our careful project management will ensure a minimal environmental footprint on delicate ecological systems.
  • Ground Stability: Whatever the ground nature might be, the SFA rig ensures its optimal stability.
  • Enhanced Structural Integrity: We install metal mesh, pour concrete, erect walls and poles, and perform other tasks that will provide long-term stability, strength, and safety.
  • Swift and Effective Execution: With experienced efficiency at our forefront, you can expect prompt and streamlined operations from us. We optimise project timelines and boost productivity without compromising on quality.
  • Precision at Every Step: As a highly technologically advanced company, we claim professional, prompt, and precise results at every step of the process.
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SFA Rig Hire | Our Key Features

  • Flexible Load Capacities: Our SFA rigs bear loads from 1.5 to 36 tonnes, giving you the flexibility to address various project requirements and complete them within the established time frame.
  • Flexible Pile Dimensions: Installing piles from 300 to 1000mm, the rig covers a broad range of pile dimensions.
  • Deep Foundation Capabilities: The rigs have the capability to extract foundations up to 25 metres deep.
  • Streamlined Operations: Eliminate the need for casing, bentonite, or polymers, optimising the piling process.

Why Go for Alpha Piling?

  • A fully bonded company, an assurance of both safety and professionalism.
  • Top machinery and specialised engineers addressing construction challenges with precision and expertise.
  • End-to-end construction services customised to the scope and complexities of your construction project, from planning through execution.
  • Licenced contractors in Birmingham educated on the market regulations and local community needs.

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With over two decades of experience creating tailored piling foundations and having successfully accomplished over 1000 projects, Alpha Piling is a highly qualified and registered piling contractor providing SFA rig hire in Birmingham for residential and commercial spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The SFA piling rig finds its versatility in various construction scenarios due to its unique capabilities:

  • Structural Foundations
  • Sites with Logistical Constraints
  • Contiguous and Secant Piled Walls

A drilled soil replacement piling technology called Sectional Flight Auger (SFA) piling is perfect for restricted access. It allows CFA piles up to 900mm in diameter to be put in sites with limited headroom of as little as 3.75 metres.

The SFA rig in Birmingham provides several advantages, such as site accessibility, the noise-free and vibration-free mode of operation, a cost-effective solution, environmental sustainability, stable foundations, faster and effective execution, and high precision.

Alpha Piling’s SFA rig hire services in Birmingham get you specialists, professional engineers, competitive prices, exhaustive services, and a skilled team with complete knowledge of the local regulations.