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Alpha Piling LTD houses the most reliable mini piling contractors in Leicestershire, providing the best solutions based on your construction site’s ground conditions, location, and loading requirements. Having rotary bored and driven piling rigs for restricted access, our specialists cater to most residential and commercial piling requirements. We stay in touch with clients from initial consultation to the completion of strong mini-piling foundations.

We provide bespoke services via licenced engineers who handle projects of various sizes, ranging from small to large-scale construction developments. Our professionals accomplish every project with ensured quality, structural integrity, and customer satisfaction that provides you peace of mind.

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How Is Mini Piling Helpful?

Mini piling is a specialised procedure that allows the insertion and formation of stable foundations in unstable ground conditions. This technique is highly cost-effective and time-efficient, as it eliminates the requirement of excavating deep trenches. Moreover, minimum noise and vibrations are produced during the entire process, making this solution an environment-friendly choice.

Our professional engineers undertake a careful planning approach to recommend the most viable design that minimises the impact on archaeological structures. For this purpose, we conduct a site survey to understand the ground conditions and assess the loading requirements to provide the best solution to our clients.


Mini Piling – A Versatile Solution

Mini piling is one of the best techniques for constructing different types of residential and commercial buildings and extensions on varying ground conditions without hampering the project. It involves the use of smaller piles that can be easily driven into the grounds with limited headroom and tight corners by utilising hand-held or sectional auger-driven equipment.

This technique is helpful for laying deep foundations on unstable grounds to provide a solid construction base that stands the test of time. It can also be used to provide a stable foundation for already constructed buildings where the soil beneath them gets swollen and moves upwards due to tree removal or excess water absorption.

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Our company has certified experts always available to cater for your foundation needs, helping you construct strong, stable, reliable, and long-lasting building structures. We have accomplished various domestic and commercial projects over the years with ensured customer satisfaction which has helped us earn a reliable reputation among clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Micro and mini piles installed with dynamic and pneumatic soil displacement systems have diameters from 100mm to 325mm. On the other hand, auger-bored mini piles, such as rotary-bored open drilling, case and auger, hollow stem, and sectional flight auger, have diameters ranging from 150mm to 450mm.

The mini piling involves the use of less concrete and steel, leading to the overall reduction of carbon footprint of your construction project for building strong foundations. Moreover, it also produces less noise and minimum vibrations which decrease its impact on the environmental surroundings.

Different types of construction sites with different ground conditions are suitable for mini piling. Mini piling can be easily carried out to reach greater depths without using heavy machinery in residential and noise-sensitive areas. It is a suitable solution for carrying out construction in areas that are hard to reach, restricted, and have low headroom.

The most important and foremost advantage of mini piling is that it helps to construct a strong base to ensure the integrity of the structure built upon it. It involves laying foundations deep into the ground that are not visible, so it does not impact the aesthetics of your building. It can be conveniently used for different types of projects to construct residential or commercial buildings on different ground conditions.