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All our work force have extensive training and experience along with relevant accreditations specific to their role on site

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Piling is a specialised field involving piles that are driven or bored into the ground to effectively transfer the load from the structure to the underlying soil. It is an extensive process demanding precise engineering, advanced equipment, and extensive knowledge of soil mechanics – all offered by a licenced company by your side

At Alpha Piling Ltd., we hold pride in being the most trusted piling contractors in Clacton, offering versatile piling solutions for residential and commercial sectors. Being an experienced company, we encapsulate a wealth of knowledge, a problem-solving approach, and guaranteed workmanship.

Our team of certified engineers and skilled technicians employs state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices to deliver customised piling solutions tailored to your specific needs. Experience safety, efficiency, and reliability with our specialists!

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Our Expertise at Work

Various projects necessitate specific types of piles and installation techniques. Therefore, our experts undergo rigorous testing to identify the optimal solution tailored to your requirements. We excel in executing diverse piling methodologies, encompassing:

  • Open-bore piling
  • Cased-rotatory piling
  • CFA piling
  • SFA piling
  • Mini piling
  • Driven piling
  • Screw piling

Why Collaborate with Alpha Piling Ltd?

With our commitment to excellence and comprehensive services, we are capable of handling all-scale jobs efficiently, making us the ideal partner for your piling needs. Here are multiple reasons why you need to partner with our experts:

  • Years of experience and expertise
  • Certified engineers and specialists
  • Premium quality raw materials
  • Top-notch rigs and equipment
  • Bespoke pile designs
  • Strategic work approach
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Code-complaint services
  • Transparency
  • Documentation and certification

Our Staggering Work Process

Construction is a difficult and demanding sector that necessitates strict discipline to produce quality results. To expedite the workflow and maintain high standards, our staff adheres to a well-organised methodology, attentively tracking progress at every stage. This systematic method comprises the following:

  • Connect with our experts and request for our services.
  • Our team will schedule a detailed meeting with you to discuss your project.
  • After discussion, you will get a precise quote for you project.
  • After the deal is locked, our team schedules an onsite investigation to assess the vicinity, structural considerations, possible challenges, nature and load-bearing capacity of the soil.
  • The Geotech investigation and tests form the basis of the piling foundation’s design, i.e. determining the required pile length, diameter, and materials.
  • Following the pre-determined piling technique and method, piles are seamlessly installed in the ground to the required depth.
  • Post pile installation, a foundation cap or slab or cap to distribute the load across the piles evenly.
  • Various tests, i.e. static pile load testing and structural integrity tests, are run to ensure the foundation has achieved the optimal compressive strength. Meanwhile, the settlement, strain, or tilt in the piles is also monitored.
  • Lastly, the following documents are handed over to you to ensure transparency:
  • As-built records
  • Copy of all concrete tickets
  • Certificates for concrete cube tests
  • Certificates of integrity tests
  • Certificate for static load-bearing tests.

Unparalleled Expertise and Excellence

With an exceptional experience of more than 20 years of piling in Clacton, we stand out as the leading contractors for piling foundations. Enjoy unwavering support and a seamless construction process with our experts. Call us for any inquiries!

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on composition and applications, different types of piles include:

  • End Bearing Pile
  • Bored Piles
  • CFA Piles
  • Sheet Piles

Piles have different sizes with varying diameters that are selected as per the project requirements. On average a small pile has a diameter less than or equal to 250 mm. For medium-sized piles, it is between 250 and 800 mm, while for larger piles, it is greater than 800mm.

Typically, a piling foundation for a standard house extension can be completed within 2-3 days. However, existing challenges, the scope of the project, and the required depth can influence the overall time required for the project.

On average, a drop-weight rig can install 5 to 10 piles per day. For faster installation, top drive rigs are used which can install approximately 10 to 20 piles per day.