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Contiguous wall piling is excellent for excavation projects, providing a safe and stable way to prevent soil collapse. It’s the ultimate solution for constructing retaining walls that keep the surrounding infrastructure secure and uncompromised. In short, contiguous piling is the backbone of deep excavation projects.

At Alpha Piling LTD, we take pride in providing top-notch services for contiguous wall piling. We understand the critical importance of this technique in construction projects and are committed to delivering the highest quality solutions for our clients.

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Where Can Alpha Piling LTD Assist You?

Our skilled contractors can help in developing sound structures for various applications. Our piling services are effective

  • To support excavation work and prevent soil movement during construction projects.
  • In urban areas where space is limited, and buildings are located close to each other.
  • For the construction of deep basements and underground parking lots.
  • In constructing retaining walls and bridge abutments.
  • In flood defence structures and coastal protection schemes.
  • For construction of railway and highway embankments, and water treatment and waste management facilities.
  • For building underground tunnels and pipelines.
  • In the installation of deep foundations for tall buildings.
  • For the stabilisation of slopes and landslides.
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Comprehend the Process of Contig Piling

Contiguous wall piles are used in construction to support deep excavations and provide temporary or permanent support for structures. Their efficient installation demands a step-wise procedure to be followed:

Site Investigation: The site is investigated to determine the soil and groundwater conditions and any potential obstacles or structures that may affect the pile wall’s construction.

Design: Based on the site investigation, a design is created for the contiguous pile wall. This design will detail the diameter and spacing of the piles, the depth of the wall, and the type of reinforcement required.

Excavation: The area where the pile wall is to be constructed is excavated to the required depth while ensuring that the sides are vertical and the base is level.

Reinforcement: The wall is reinforced with steel bars inserted into the piles and tied together to form a continuous cage.


Concrete Pour: The concrete is poured into the excavation to form the pile wall. A tremie pipe is used to place the concrete at the precise location, ensuring that it is compacted and that there are no voids.

Grout Injection: Once the contiguous wall piles are installed, grout is injected into the gaps between the piles to form a watertight seal and provide additional strength.

Trimming: The tops of the piles are trimmed to the required level, and any excess material is removed.

Curing: The concrete is given time to cure and gain strength before any further excavation work is carried out.

Finishing: Once the wall has cured, it may be finished with a waterproof membrane or other protective coatings to prevent water ingress and prolong the wall’s life.

Develop Sound Structures with Our Experienced Contractors

The process of constructing a contiguous retaining wall is complex and highly technical, which requires careful planning, design, and execution to ensure that the wall is strong to withstand the loads placed upon it. Our experienced contractors are committed to delivering high-quality results that exceed your expectations. From planning to execution, we focus on developing safe and reliable structures that stand the test of time.

Attributes of Quality Contiguous Piling

Our contractors at Alpha Piling LTD offer quality contig wall piling encompassing all standards.

Greater Stability: Our piling company uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to design and install contiguous wall piling that provides maximum stability to withstand forces exerted by the surrounding soil.

Water Tightness: A team of experts installs interlocking sheet piles to create a continuous barrier and prevent water from seeping into the excavation site.

Ease of Installation: The installation process is efficient and minimises disruption to neighbouring structures or damage to the surrounding environment.

Cost-Effectiveness: We provide cost-effective solutions that offer the best value for our client’s projects without compromising quality or safety.

Compliance with Regulations: Our team designs and installs contig wall piling in compliance with relevant regulations and codes to ensure meeting the safety and environmental standards.

Our Distinctions

With experience spanning years dedicated to serving commercial and domestic sites, Alpha Piling LTD takes pride in:

  • 1000+ completed projects
  • A team of 20+ skilled professionals
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Maximum client satisfaction


Alpha piling will always deliver the utmost professional service to our customers; if you want to know more about the services we offer or have any other queries, then do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out this form, or give us a call at 01245 408742!

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