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Piling Company in Hampshire

Piling is an incredible and versatile construction technique that can help build new foundations or reinforce existing ones. Piling in Hampshire is also used at construction sites with limited access or sites where government regulations or other considerations do not permit the usage of heavy machinery. They are also common at sites with unfavourable soil conditions.

There are various methods of piling, each with its benefits. We offer various piling services in Hampshire for commercial and domestic applications. Our piling team has completed numerous projects in Hampshire and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. Whether building new structures or reinforcing or repairing existing ones, you can trust our piling specialists in Hampshire for safe and reliable builds. If your construction sites have restricted access or regulations prevent you from employing traditional machinery, we can help by using the right piling technique and the latest piling rigs. We will ensure you reach your construction goals within time without increasing construction costs.

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Construction in Challenging Soil Conditions

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial piling services in Hampshire, you can count on our experts. Piling methods can help in building deep foundations which address unfavourable soil conditions. Piling is often used when:

  • The soil is not the right type, such as sand or chalk.
  • The construction site soil has a low load-bearing value.
  • The moisture content of the soil is too high, making it highly reactive to weather conditions.

These conditions prevent the construction of shallow foundations, and therefore engineers have to find deeper and better soil layers with adequate properties. Piling methods transfer the load of the superstructure to these deeper layers so that the final structures have a reliable foundation.

Piling Contractors in Hampshire

Safe and Less Disruptive

Many commercial and residential construction activities are carried out in crowded areas. Heavy construction machinery can cause high vibration, which can damage adjacent buildings and compromise their safety.

Our piling contractors in Hampshire employ piling methods such as CFA and SFA piling, which cause little noise and vibration, making them a much safer construction method for crowded and sensitive locations. These compact but powerful rigs enable continuous work done without stopping business operations, and therefore, are a primary choice when it comes to construction at commercial sites.

As they are less noisy, these rigs can even be used when carrying out construction at sensitive sites such as hospitals. Construction near archaeological sites is also often carried out with the help of these rigs to prevent any damage to these historical treasures. Because of these reasons, piling is the perfect choice when it comes to complying with building and other regulations.

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Piling Contractor in Hampshire
Piling Contractor Hampshire

Low Headroom and Restricted Access

At times, construction activities must be carried out at sites offering limited access; these may be industrial, commercial, or residential sites, which can benefit from skills of our piling experts.

Residential basements, underground parking lots, underbridges, and tunnels are just a few examples of restricted access sites which can significantly benefit from piling techniques. Our piling Hampshire team comprises civil engineers, construction workers, rig operators, architects, and many other professionals who have worked countless times at construction sites with restricted access.

Save Time and Cost

The versatility of piling techniques makes them a preferred choice for contractors who often employ them even at sites with favourable conditions because of two significant benefits:

  • Low Cost
  • Low Turnaround Time

When piling rigs are used, there is hardly any need for intensive labour; therefore, you save labour costs. The rigs are highly modernised and considerably reduce construction time, which translates into low construction costs. Because of these reasons, our piling contractors Hampshire prefer using piling techniques at even the most traditional construction sites. We also employ piling for reinforcing your existing foundations, which saves the time, hassle, and cost of rebuilding the entire structure.

Why Choose Us?

  • Complete in-house construction team comprising geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, rig operators, construction workers, etc.
  • Powerful and modern piling rigs reducing construction time and cost.
  • Complete knowledge of building and other government regulations.
  • Highly competitive pricing compared to other local piling services in Hampshire.