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Bored Piling Equipment

All our work force have extensive training and experience along with relevant accreditations specific to their role on site

Bored piling equipment includes a bored piling rig, a type of heavy machinery used in construction to create deep, vertical holes or shafts in the ground. These holes are typically used as foundations for large structures such as buildings, bridges, or towers.

Piling rigs can drill to depths of several hundred meters depending on the project’s requirements, using a rotary drill bit attached to a long, hollow stem. The diameter of the hole can also vary depending on the size and weight of the structure to be built on top of it.

Hire Well-Maintained Bored Piling Equipment

Alpha Piling Ltd has been a well-known and reliable provider of piling solutions and services across the UK for years and specialises in bored piling equipment. As an Essex-based company, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for all your piling needs.

Our team comprises skilled engineers, workers, and rig operators who specialise in piling solutions for commercial and domestic projects. We offer reliable rotary and CFA piling rig rentals in the UK, with well-maintained equipment and a well-trained team. Contact us to discuss your requirements and rent our rigs at competitive prices for your next project.

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Our Piling Rigs’ Fleet to Complete Your Project

Alpha Piling Ltd has a wide variety of construction tools, equipment, and rigs to increase the construction pace of your project. You can hire our fleet for CFA, open bored, rotary bored, cased CFA, and secant and king posts piling solutions. For bored piling rigs, you can hire:

  • Casagrande B175XP
  • Casagrande B125XP
  • Soilmec R312
  • Soilmec SF50
  • Soilmec SR-45
  • Soilmec SR-30

Whether you hire a large- or a small-sized rig for your rotary bored or CFA piling project, we assure you of competitive pile boring machine cost and well-maintained equipment. You can immediately start your project with our rigs arriving well on time at the construction site, working seamlessly throughout the project.

Bored Piling Equipments

We Are Your Trusted Partners in Your Project

At Alpha Piling Ltd, we house a fleet of high-quality piling rigs and a team of professional engineers, designers, workers, and operators to support your project. The following are the facilities you get:

Advanced Rig Fleet – Our advanced, well-maintained fleet of piling rigs is available 24/7 for your projects. You can use each machine for various piling solutions, including open bored, CFA, cased CFA, rotary bored, and secant and king posts piling solutions.

Skilled, Well-Trained Labour – We not only have high-quality piling rigs but a team of expert engineers, designers, workers, and machine operators.

Customer Satisfaction – We strive for the satisfaction of our clients. You can contact us Mon-Fri: 8:00 am-6:00 pm, discuss your project and its details, and hire our rigs and/or team for your project.

Fully Certified – We hire certified engineers, workers, designers, and operators and keep registered, licenced machines to ensure authenticity and reliability.

Don’t Wait – Discuss Your Requirements with Us.

A bored piling rig plays a crucial role in the completion of the project on time and within the calculated budget. It positively impacts the speed of the project if well-maintained. Whether you’re into a commercial project or domestic development, we have the piling equipment you need.


A bored piling rig is a heavy-duty machine used in the construction industry to create deep foundation piles. It drills into the ground using a rotating auger and removes soil and rock to create a hole. The hole is then filled with concrete to create a solid foundation for a building or other structure.

Various types of piling rigs can be used for bored piling, including rotary drilling rigs, hydraulic piling rigs, and crane-mounted drilling rigs.

A rotary drilling rig can easily drill through a wide range of surfaces and soil types, like, hard ground, rocky surfaces, etc. That’s why a rotary drilling rig is considered ideal for building foundations.