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CFA piling is a highly common piling technique used for the foundations of a building or any other structure. This method is mostly used for the construction of bridges, buildings, and many other types of structural foundations. Less noise and vibrations are involved in this process, which makes it suitable for use in built-up, environmentally sensitive, and inner-city areas.

Alpha Piling offers highly experienced and certified services of CFA piling in Chelmsford, helping to lay deep, solid, and sturdy building foundations that last a lifetime. Our licenced experts install concrete, steel, or wooden piles into the ground to provide the required foundational support and stability for supporting heavy and large structures. We continuously monitor the ground conditions and piling installation process to achieve the best quality outcomes.

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Why Use CFA Piling?

There are numerous advantages of CFA piling which make it a viable option for laying strong structural foundations:

  • Flood protection
  • Minimum disruptions
  • Landslides prevention
  • Strong structural support
  • A broad range of auger sizes
  • Low levels of noise & vibrations
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Affordable & cost-effective solution
  • Suitable for tricky ground conditions
  • Resistance against compressive, lateral, and uplift loads

How Is CFA Piling Done?

Our construction engineers follow these steps to lay strong and reliable CFA piles:

  • Drill into the ground to a certain required depth with the help of a hollow stem auger.
  • Pump concrete or grout into the drilled area.
  • Extract the auger in a rotating motion to remove the excess ground material.
  • Extend the concrete to ground level.
  • Install a steel reinforcement cage into the wet concrete for the formation of the intended structure.

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As one of the leading contractors in town, our company caters to the piling needs at residential and commercial levels, serving:

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  • Commercial Clients
  • Building Contractors

We choose the most suitable types of rig for your project after analysing the ground conditions and recording other essential requirements. Our specialists guarantee the timely completion of every project we undertake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CFA piling installs cast-in-situ piles, in which piles are constructed on-site with the help of a hollow stem auger.

CFA piles mostly come in diameters between 450mm and 1200mm and can be used for achieving a depth of over 35mm.

CFA piling can be conveniently used for carrying out medium and large scale construction projects. This technique can be utilised for constructing different structures, including bridges, buildings, multi-storey structures, tunnels, roads, etc.

The technique of CFA piling can be used in different areas, such as:

  • Built-Up Areas
  • Noise Restricted Areas
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Moreover, it can also be used to carry out construction projects in areas where buildings are close together to minimise disruptions for neighbouring premises.

To install CFA piles near an already constructed structure, there should be a minimum space of 5-8 pile diameters between that structure and the new piles which are to be installed.