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All our work force have extensive training and experience along with relevant accreditations specific to their role on site

Mini piling is an effective and widely used foundation. It requires smaller equipment, making it a suitable method for urban environments and restricted access areas. However, It requires precision technique and an expert team to ensure accurate and reliable installation of piles.

When it comes to stronger mini-piling foundations, Alpha Piling LTD has an experienced workforce that utilises cutting-edge equipment for mini-piling in Southend, capable of working effectively in confined spaces. Partner with us to witness unmatchable perfection and efficiency.

We can effectively overcome every challenge, including:

  • Large design loads
  • Urban development
  • Elevated groundwater table
  • Weak and unsteady ground conditions

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Our Methods of Mini-Piling

The installation of mini piles by Alpha Piling experts can be accomplished using various methods, depending on the project’s requirements and the condition of the ground. Generally, our specialists apply the following techniques:

  • Drop Weight:

Working in confined spaces with limited height and space is made easier with our drop-weight mini-piling method, commonly used in commercial and home construction.

  • Bored Piling:

This type of mini-piling method has a significant advantage in that it reduces vibrations, making it very useful in specific locations. For instance, if sensitive equipment or wildlife is nearby, choosing a bored case mini pile is the best option.

  • Grundomat:

This kind of mini piling is frequently used to minimise noise and disruption in locations with limited access, such as inside space additions.

Advantages of Mini Piling

Mini piling, sometimes referred to as small-diameter piling or micro piling, is used to support buildings and typically has a diameter of 100 to 350 mm. The following is a list of some benefits:

  • It can be installed quickly and cause less disturbance.
  • It can also strengthen existing structures through underpinning.
  • Mini piles operate incredibly well in both tension and compression
  • They are relatively affordable as compared to traditional piling.
Mini Piling in Saffron Walden

Why Choose Alpha Piling?

When it comes to choosing the right mini piling contractors in Southend, it is paramount to seek certified contractors.

  • Our top priority is safety:We always take measures to prevent work-related accidents resulting from the use of large construction equipment. The safety of all labourers is fundamental as we proceed to work.
  • Over 20 Years of Experience:Our company has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has successfully completed over 1000 projects, with 99% of clients being satisfied with our services.
  • Flexible Remedies:We employ teams of licenced civil engineers and are capable of handling any micro piling job for any building size and complexity.
  • Complete Services:Our service encompasses various constructions including:
  • Pile foundations
  • Pile Design
  • Secant Retaining Walls
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Frequently Asked Questions

Mini-piling for a small house extension typically takes 2-7 days. Depending on the size of the construction space, the duration may range from 1 week to more than 2 weeks for a larger house extension.

While their maximum depth is fifty metres, factors such as the state of the soil, the amount of groundwater, and the piling rig can restrict their depth.

In the UK, driven piles will cost between £150 and £300 per linear metre by 2024, whereas bored piles will cost between £200 and £400.

The diameter of a mini pile is usually between 100 and 300 mm.