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All our work force have extensive training and experience along with relevant accreditations specific to their role on site

Piling involves the essential task of embedding structural piles deep into the ground to serve as the fundamental support for buildings. This process becomes necessary in areas where soil conditions are less than ideal, ensuring the load of a structure is evenly distributed and the ground is stabilised. The advancement in piling technology has enabled architects and engineers to push boundaries, creating grand structures worldwide.

Alpha Piling LTD takes pride in its reliable and professional services for piling in Basildon. We are dedicated to providing enduring foundations for commercial and residential properties. Backed by a skilled team of engineers and years of experience, we guarantee a high standard of service and expertise in every project we undertake.


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Our Piling Services; Based on Soil Condition

Bored Piling

Alpha Piling LTD specialises in drilling boreholes and filling them with steel cages and concrete to create piles, ideal for larger structures requiring greater depth.

Driven Piling

Our certified engineers employ vibrating probes and hydraulic hammers to drive piles into soft soil efficiently, offering ease of installation and reliable performance.

Screw Piling

Our experts provide rapid installation of screw piles with helical blades that screw into the soil, suitable for lighter structures and ensuring quick setup.

Sheet Piling

We drive thin, interlocking steel sheets into the ground, specialising in constructing retaining walls, cofferdams, and temporary structures.

Mini Piling

We excel in drilling small-diameter piles into limited-access sites commonly used for underpinning existing foundations.


When to Use Piling for Construction Endevaours

Piling plays a crucial role in construction by providing stability and safety of structures. They are particularly indispensable in various scenarios:

  • In situations where alternative foundation types are prohibitively expensive or technically impractical, piling foundations offer a viable solution.
  • In areas with high groundwater table, piling prevents water from compromising the stability of the structure.
  • In areas where soil excavation to adequate depths is challenging due to poor soil quality, it provides a stable alternative.
  • Piling foundations are ideal for stabilising structures on soft or compressible soil near the surface.
  • When conventional methods fail to keep foundation trenches dry, piling offers a reliable solution to maintain structural stability.
  • They are crucial near riverbeds, shorelines, canals, or deep drainage systems where scouring can undermine traditional foundations.

Why Alpha Piling LTD?

Alpha Piling Ltd specialises in comprehensive piling services tailored to diverse construction needs. Our expertise spans various solutions, including bearing piles, contiguous walls, secant walls, static load-bearing test piles, and king posts. We cater to new builds, commercial developments, domestic extensions, and basement constructions.

We specialise in installing CFA piles, capable of reaching diameters up to 1200mm and depths of 26 meters. Additionally, our expertise extends to rotary and cased rotary techniques, achieving depths of up to 35 meters with high torque machines equipped with pull-down winches. These capabilities allow us to handle challenging ground conditions across various projects effectively. Choose us as we pride ourselves on:

  • CPCS-trained rig operators
  • Trained and specialist slingers
  • Licenced signallers for crane operations
  • COSHH assessments for hazardous substances
  • Site inductions, daily briefings, and toolbox talks
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Advanced machines
  • Over 1,000 completed projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Different types of piles vary in their installation depths based on factors like soil consistency, vertical load requirements, and construction limitations:

Mini piles: Generally installed up to 50 meters deep.

Screw piles: Installed in sections up to 6 meters deep.

Bored piles: Depths can exceed 60 meters, with diameters up to 2.4 meters.

Tube piles: Concrete piles reaching up to 30 meters.

Piling materials vary by type but commonly include concrete, steel, and timber. These materials are chosen based on the specific requirements of the piling method and the characteristics of the soil and load-bearing capacity needed for the construction project.

Tests conducted on piles can encompass static load tests, dynamic load tests, or pile integrity tests. Model tests are employed to simulate how foundations interact with structures under varying loading and environmental conditions.

Piling costs vary based on job size, number and type of piles needed, and depth of installation. Additional factors include soil type, structural demands, and site-specific preparation