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Rotary Rig Hire Services for Piling

Piling is a construction technique that involves drilling or driving vertical structural elements called piles into the ground to support the weight of buildings, bridges, and other structures. Piling is typically used in areas where the soil strata are too weak to support the weight of a structure or where the foundation needs to be built on top of fill material or soft soil.

Piling is an important aspect of foundation construction, providing a secure and stable foundation for buildings and other structures. It can be used in various construction projects, including high-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels, and offshore structures.

However, the piling system’s design depends on various factors, including:

  • the load capacity required
  • the soil conditions
  • the type of structure being built

Piling is typically done by specialised contractors with the skill, competence and hardware to handle the unique challenges of piling construction.

Alpha Piling Ltd. is an Essex-based contractor that has been providing piling solutions for more than two decades. We also provide rotary piling rig hire services for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

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Benefits of Piles Foundations

  • They provide greater load-bearing capacity and can support heavier structures.
  • They provide a stable and steady foundation for a structure in areas with soft or unstable soil conditions.
  • Pile foundations can be used in a variety of soil and rock conditions.
  • Pile foundations can be installed quickly and efficiently, reducing construction time.
  • They are a relatively low-impact construction method that minimises disturbance to the surrounding environment.

What Are the Rotary Drilling Rigs?

Rotary drilling rigs are powerful machines used to bore deep into the ground for various applications. These rigs are commonly used in the construction, mining, and oil and gas industries to extract resources or to create structures. The rotary drilling process involves using a rotating motion to drill into the ground, aided by drilling fluid circulated through the drilling rig.

Alpha Piling Ltd. provides drill rig hire services for any piling project in the UK. Our drilling rigs come with different specifications and capacities. Some of their general specifications are:

Rotary Rigs Hire

Drilling Depth:

The drilling depth of rotary drilling rigs can range from a few to a hundred metres depending on the project’s requirements.

Drilling Speed:

Rotary drilling rigs can drill at a maximum travel speed of 2.7 km/h.

Power Source:

Rotary drilling rigs can be powered by hydraulic, electric or diesel engines.


Some rotary drilling rigs are mounted on trucks, while others are mounted on crawler tracks or transported on trailers.

Safety Features:

Rotary drilling rigs have safety features such as emergency shut-off switches, safety guardrails, and fall protection systems to prevent accidents and ensure worker safety.

Drill Bit:

The drill bit is an essential component of rotary drilling rigs. Various types of drill bits are used depending on the type of formation being drilled and include PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) and tricone drill bits.

Hoisting Capacity:

Rotary drilling rigs have a hoisting system that can lift and lower drill pipes, drill collars and other drilling components.

How Much Can It Cost to Hire Drilling Rigs?

Although drilling rigs are easily available, it is not possible to estimate drill rig rental costs without determining multiple factors:

  • Type and capacity of the drilling rig.
  • Nature of the project.
  • Location of the project.
  • Dimensions of the structural piles.
  • The period for which the rig is hired.

Alpha Piling Ltd – The Ultimate Piling Solution

Alpha Piling Ltd. has completed more than one thousand piling projects over its 20 years of service. We provide rotary rig hire services for:

  • Bearing Piles
  • Static Load-bearing Test Piles
  • Contiguous Walls
  • Secant Walls
  • King Posts

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The advantage of using a rotary piling rig is that it can easily drill through various soil types, including hard and rocky ground. This makes it an ideal tool for foundation work.

A rotary piling rig employs a rotating drill bit to bore into the ground. As the drill bit rotates, it cuts through the soil and rock, which is then removed by a drilling fluid or by a separate auger.

A rotary piling rig can be used to create a variety of foundation piles, including bored piles, continuous flight auger (CFA) piles, and drilled displacement piles.