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Mobilised ready for your Piling Project

Domestic and commercial piling for new builds, extensions and basements.

Reliable and Specialist Piling Contractor

Alpha Piling Ltd are a specialist piling contractor based in Essex providing practical piling solutions - Bearing piles, Contiguous walls, Secant walls, Static load bearing test piles & King posts for new builds, commercial developments, domestic extensions and basements.

We offer a full advice, design and construction service and can install CFA piles up to 1200mm in diameter down to 26 metres deep & Rotary & Cased Rotary up to 1200mm in diameter down to 35 metres deep. Our machines have extremely high torque along with pull down winches which enable us to tackle the hardest of ground conditions.

Our specialised piling rigs and experience working on sites allows us to offer a wide range of solutions for domestic and commercial builds, CFA and Rotary techniques provided Nationwide.


Quality & Health & Safety

Alpha Piling Ltd deliver piling installations to a high standard in accordance with the federation of piling specialists guidelines (FPS) and are accredited with CHAS, SMAS and Constructionline, to demonstrate our commitment to high standards of Health and Safety. 

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Our Handover Process

Upon completion of the piling works we’ll provide you with:

  • As built records.

  • Copy of all concrete tickets.

  • Certificates for concrete cubes tests.

  • Certificates of integrity tests.

  • Certificate for static load bearing tests.