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All our work force have extensive training and experience along with relevant accreditations specific to their role on site

Piling is one of the most crucial steps in the initial groundwork process, ensuring the even distribution of weight over a larger surface area when heavy construction is being done. It also helps ensure the building’s protection, reliability, and safety, making it able to stand the test of time.

Alpha Piling provides services for all types of piling in Colchester. Our team of licenced specialists possess the mechanical and technical expertise to carry out and complete all the work safely. With a collaborative and dynamic approach, our professionals work closely with each other to devise the best piling solution for our residential and commercial clients.

We ensure to use of the right high-quality materials for the formation of stronger and sturdier piling foundations that last a lifetime. Providing expert guidance, our certified engineers play a supportive role by staying in continuous touch with clients at all stages of planning, designing and construction. Our experienced engineers carefully determine the form, mass, and circumference of piles based on your project requirements and use specialised equipment for laying a solid foundation.

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How Does Piling Work?

Piling involves implanting a considerable quantity of required materials into weak soil to prepare and strengthen the ground base from underneath. It helps make ground conditions suitable and stable for holding significantly heavy loads while constructing different structures, including building complexes, new homes, infrastructures, etc.

Therefore, piling is considered crucial for ensuring the ground stability before starting the construction work at a particular site.


Get Piling Solutions for All Ground Conditions

CFA Piling: Our experts drill boreholes into the ground using a continuous flight auger and fill them with concrete and a reinforced steel cage to facilitate construction work in built-up and inner-city areas, involving minimum noise and vibrations.

SFA Piling: We drill a borehole into unstable and unobstructed ground with the help of an auger that is divided into multiple sections and fill it with concrete. For providing necessary support, a reinforced steel cage is used that also helps to make a stable platform for construction work in areas with limited headroom.

Mini Piling: Our professionals use the mini piling technique in restricted access and hard-to-reach areas with poor ground conditions to prepare the soil for efficiently holding large design loads.

SCD Piling: We use this piling method in contaminated lands and grounds with high water tables where piles are bottom-driven with the help of a drop hammer or grundomat.

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Our experts use industry-proven, safe techniques and specialised equipment to produce results that reflect our dedication to every project we undertake. Our experienced workforce has worked on several small and large-scale projects for different construction sites with varying ground conditions. With years of experience working in varying conditions, our experts have gained the confidence to tackle every kind of project with greater expertise and skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Piles are long poles usually made of concrete, steel, or wood. A particular type of pile is selected for a construction project based on the type of piling technique, ground conditions, and other requirements.

As the leading piling contractors in Colchester, we are well-versed and experienced enough to provide piling solutions for different kinds of projects involving building basements, extensions, high-rise buildings, or other development projects.

There are several factors based on which the cost of hiring piling contractors can be determined, such as the size of the project site, access method, ground conditions, type of piling technique, and required materials etc.

Our company collaborates closely with a highly trained workforce that includes architects, and structural engineers. These professionals are industry-leading experts in their fields and collaborate to ensure the entire project is completed timely and efficiently.