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Open Bored & Cased Rotary Piling

We provide  full advice, design and construction service for Open Bored/Rotary and Cased Rotary piling foundations. Using our Rotary Piling rigs, we can offer a cost-effective solution for our client’s projects across Greater London and the South East.

Rotary Bored Piling is carried out by our Large Diameter Piling (LDP) rigs which offer higher power (torque) than our CFA rigs so they are more agile and able to overcome underground obstructions.

Rotary piling can be employed in almost all ground conditions from soft ground supported by temporary casing  to high grade very strong rock cored into open-hole techniques.

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Piling is a great way to build long-lasting, rigid foundations and construct a heavy-duty building over it. Open bored piling is a piling type that uses boring machines to bore the ground and remove the stem auger before filling that hole with steel and concrete, creating the foundations and preparing the ground. It requires a team of experts with professional piling skills, knowledge, and heavy machinery.

Vibration and Noise-Free Open Bored Piling

Alpha Piling Ltd is known for providing industry-leading open bore piling services in the major cities of the United Kingdom. Our team of professional engineers, designers, workers, and operators is known for their competence and for following all the regulations. If you are constructing a project that needs open bored piles, we can advise, design, and build the foundation with large-diameter piling rigs.

Why Open Bore Piling?

In open bore piling, we drill into the ground with a rotating auger and withdraw it, removing the soil and creating a hole. This process is repeated until the desired hole is created with the depth required. Once the hole is made, the auger is withdrawn, and experts insert a steel cage into it, filling it with concrete to create a pile in the ground. 

Remember, open bore piling varies depending on the soil and land. We use this only on cohesive soils with no water underneath the surface, like silt and clay. Another thing to notice is that we use different rigs with various sizes when drilling the ground. A larger rig is used where there is a larger ground area, like outside or even inside a specific building, since these give fewer vibrations.

Open Bored Piles

Benefits of Open Bored Piles

The rotary bored piling provide the following benefits:

  • Suitable for silt and clay soils and surfaces without water underneath.
  • No need for extensive excavations, reducing the cost.
  • Fewer vibrations and less disruption to the nearby areas and buildings.
  • The piles can be extended deeper, up to 60 metres.

Challenges We Face for Bored Pile Construction

We may face the following challenges when boring into the ground to build a piling structure:

Deep Soil Investigation:

As an expert piling contractor, we have to ensure the durability and reliability of the piling structure we’re working on. While the open bore piling may vary according to the soil type, we deeply investigate the soil, test its durability, and make reports which is a challenging process. But it doesn’t feel much since we have been doing this for a long time.

Messy Solution for Cohesionless Soil:

If we’re working on cohesionless soil, the hole may extend too far under the water table. In such a case, we need to support the hole we just bored with stabilising mud or steel cages. This makes the process of putting the concrete into the hole messy, and it takes more time. 

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How Our Bore Piling Service Works?

The following is the phase-by-phase process of how this service and our team work when you connect with us.

Our Team Surveys the Site:

The process of boring and piling at your site starts by surveying the site once you contact us, share the details, and book our service. Our team of professional engineers visits the site, collects the necessary data, and makes a report on the project.


The next phase is planning, which includes discussing your project, assigning a team to your project, and making a list of the equipment and machinery we will need to start with the project. We may prepare all the machinery and equipment in this phase if you want to complete the process as soon as possible.

Start Constructing the Project:

The next phase is the actual construction process. This may vary according to land, the structure you want to build, and your expected results. But one thing is common: we’ll bore the required holes, fill them with steel and concrete, and make a rigid piling structure.

Final Assessment:

This is the final phase of the bored piling process. We would have completed the project up to this point, but one thing that we tackle is the final assessment. We finalise everything, test the piling according to the requirements, and give it to you, along with the final reports.

Let’s Connect and Discuss Your Project

Alpha Piling Ltd is a reputed company providing excellent piling services throughout the United Kingdom. We have teams of experts with professional knowledge that know all the techniques to build contiguous walls, bearing piles, secant walls, king posts, and static load-bearing test piles for all types of builds. Contact us to construct open bored piles, discuss your project, and build with us affordably.

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