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CFA Piling Rig Hire

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A CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piling rig is a machine specifically designed for the installation of CFA piles. The rig typically consists of a base carrier or chassis, a mast, a drilling rig, and a concrete pump

The drilling rig is typically a hydraulically operated machine with a hollow stem auger. The auger is lowered into the ground while the rig is rotating, and the soil is excavated as the auger advances. The concrete is then pumped through the hollow stem while the auger is slowly extracted from the ground, creating a continuous concrete column.

The mast of the CFA piling rig is designed to support the drilling rig and auger while it is being lowered into the ground. The mast can support other equipment, such as a casing system, which stabilises the borehole during the drilling process.

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Alpha Piling Ltd is your trusted partner for renowned CFA piling rig hire and all your piling needs. As an Essex-based company, we have been providing top-notch piling solutions and services across the UK for several years. Our reputation precedes us, and for good reasons.

We have a team of highly-skilled professional engineers, workers, and operators who are experts in their respective fields. Whether you need piling solutions for your domestic extensions, basements, or commercial projects, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Our company is one of the most reliable CFA piling rig rentals in the UK. We have well-maintained CFA piling rigs for all of your needs. Contact us today, discuss your details and requirements, and hire our rig at competitive prices to prevent delays in your project.

CFA Piling Rigs Hire

Our Fleet to Speed Up Your Project

Alpha Piling Ltd has a wide range of construction equipment and rigs to speed up your construction project. We have CFA piling rigs and cased rotary, open bored/rotary, secant, king, and contiguous piling solutions. The following are our offerings for CFA piling rigs:

Casagrande B175XP – It is a versatile piling rig that can drill up to a depth of 23 metres (CFA) and a maximum diameter of 1,500 mm. It’s ideal for small and large-scale projects.

Casagrande B125XP – A one-step-down version of the B175XP, a powerful piling rig designed to CFA drill up to 23 metres of depth and a maximum diameter of 800 mm, making it suitable for small and medium-sized projects.

Soilmec SR-30 – This is a compact yet powerful rotary drilling rig for soil and rock applications. It can reach up to 22 metres of CFA depth with a 900 mm maximum diameter.

Soilmec SR-45 – It is an efficient multi-functional drilling rig perfect for deep foundation projects. In a CFA drilling project, you can drill up to 24 metres of depth with a 1000 mm diameter.

Soilmec SF50 – This piling rig is dedicated to the CFA piling and made solely for this purpose. It can dig up to 25 metres with a maximum diameter of 900 mm.

Soilmec R312 – Perfect for soil and rock drilling applications, this rig can achieve up to 19 metres of CFA depth and up to 750 mm of maximum CFA diameter.

Whatever CFA piling rig hire you select for your CFA project, we’ll ensure you get a well-maintained and clean rig at competitive pricing. Contact our team today and get more details about the machinery and quotes.

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Our services at Alpha Piling Ltd are focused on the ease and convenience of our clients. From our working hours to the advanced machinery and skilled labour, we ensure you get the best results throughout the project.

Skilled Labour – Our company has a team of skilled engineers, workers, and operators trained and experienced in the latest industry practices and technologies.

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At Alpha Piling Ltd, we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional services to our clients. We offer expert advice, designs, and machinery for CFA piling foundations to ensure your project is built on a solid foundation. Talk to our team, share your details, and get a quote for CFA rigs.