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Mini Piling in Cambridge

All our work force have extensive training and experience along with relevant accreditations specific to their role on site

Mini piles, also known as micro piles, are a more affordable option than larger-diameter drilled shaft foundations, particularly when working in hard-to-reach areas or within confined spaces. A mini-pile can reach depths of more than 50 metres and typically has a diameter between 100 and 300mm. It works well in situations with bad terrain, heavy design loads, and restricted access.

Alpha Piling are certified contractors holding years of experience in mini piling in Cambridge. Our in-house team consists of licenced staff with 20 years of expertise in the industry.

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Advantages of Mini Piling Foundations

  • Work ideally in both tension and compression, giving outstanding results.
  • Quick installation based on ground conditions.
  • Builders can construct extensions in confined spaces using mini-piling techniques.
  • When installing mini-piles, adjacent structures may experience only slight vibrations.
  • Provides large load capacities and, under ideal ground conditions, economical installation.
  • Perfect for locations with sensitive environmental concerns or those next to buildings.
  • Uses less steel and concrete than other piling techniques, which lowers their carbon impact.

We Have Various Methods in Micro-Piling

With a sizable team of adept geotechnical and structural engineers, we are equipped to offer tailored mini-piling services that cater to even the most rigorous site specifications. We cover a range of micro-piling methods, including:

Sectional Flight Auger (SFA) Piling: SFA piling is a drilled soil replacement piling technique that is best for use on construction sites with confined access and inside spaces. It permits the placement of CFA piles with a diameter of up to 900mm at locations with as little as 3.75 meters of headroom.

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piling: Since the CFA piling is a non-displacement piling method; drilling is used to extract soil from the pile. When a vibration-free installation is needed in challenging ground conditions, this method is frequently utilised.

Bottom-Driven Mini Piling: A closed-ended, thin-walled steel tube is pushed in lengths of 2 to 6 metres onto a dry concrete plug using an internal drop hammer. The tubes are added using a full fillet weld as the installation progresses until the pile is driven to a certain set of design length criteria.

Drop Weight Piling: The most common kind of impact driving is the drop hammer, which uses a falling weight that is distributed to the top of the pile by a driving cap. The most popular kind of drop hammer on the market right now is the hydraulic one.

Bored Case Piling: A bored pile foundation is one type of reinforced concrete foundation that may hold structures with significant vertical loads. Bored piles are cast in place on-site with the help of a circular hole drilled into the ground. Steel reinforcement is and the borehole is then filled with concrete.

Grundomat Driven Piling: Compressed air is used to drive the piles in the grundomat technique, an air powered piling system. This method works well for locations with limited access and subterranean settings because compressed air can be delivered from outside the piling area with very little apparatus and produces very little vibration.

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Years of Experience
Mini Piling in Cambridge
Mini Piling in Cambridge

Why Choose Alpha Piling LTD?

  • Experienced engineers with over 20 years of expertise in the field.
  • Utilising the latest technologies and methods to deliver high-quality results.
  • Licenced and expert team of contractors delivering employing proactive problem-solving strategies.
  • Cost-effective solutions with complete adherence to safety protocols and regulations.

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For premier mini piling in Cambridge, trust Alpha Piling LTD experts with 20 years of industry experience. Our skilled team offers a range of mini-piling foundations, ensuring tailored solutions for any project.

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