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All our work force have extensive training and experience along with relevant accreditations specific to their role on site

Local Piling Company

Alpha Piling is your local piling company, specialising in diverse piling techniques to construct solid and reliable foundations. Our services cover both residential and commercial piling services, with our experts carrying out all significant steps, from site analysis to foundation building.

Our in-house team comprises geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, architects, and construction workers. Our team has the most modern piling tools and rigs that reduce construction time and build reliable foundations at highly affordable rates.

Perfect Solution for Challenging Site Conditions

There are many practical reasons for piling being the principal method of foundation building. Many construction sites need the right soil type, or the soil properties do not permit the construction of solid foundations. Soil with high moisture content or inadequate load-bearing value cannot support foundations.

Some construction sites may have the right soil conditions, but other factors, such as adjacent buildings, may not allow conventional methods of foundation building. At the same time, there will be construction sites with restricted access, such as low headroom. For all these challenging site conditions, piling is the best solution, and our piling contractors can provide you with what you need.

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Cost-Effective Construction

Even when site conditions are favourable, many piling contractors prefer piling as the foundation building method. The reason is that many piling techniques use compact but powerful rigs, which reduce construction time, and therefore labour charges, considerably. They also make the task less demanding and ensure accuracy.

Our piling specialists use our modern rigs to ensure you reach your construction targets in time. All these factors contribute significantly towards reducing your construction cost.

Our Piling Process

Our piling services follow a scientific but straightforward process for foundation construction which typically includes the following steps:

  1. Site Investigation – Our geotechnical engineers will assess the site to determine the soil conditions and other factors affecting the piling design.
  2. Pile Design – Based on the site investigation, our engineers will design the piles and determine the required type and size.
  3. Pile Installation – The piles will be installed using specialised equipment, such as a pile driver or drilling rig.
  4. Load Testing – Once the piles are installed, load testing will be performed to ensure they can support the load of the building or structure.
  5. Foundation Construction – After the piles are in place and have been tested, the foundation for the building or structure will be constructed.


Typically, driven piles are made of concrete or steel and are driven into the ground using a pile driver. Bored piles are created by drilling holes into the ground and filling it with concrete or other materials.

The piling used on a construction site will depend on various factors, including the soil conditions, the size and weight of the built structure, and any existing structures or utilities on the site.

The piling depth will depend on the specific site conditions and the piling being used. In some cases, piles may be driven to depths of 50 meters or more.

The time it takes to install piling depends on several factors, such as the size and number of the piles. Simple projects may only take a few days, while more complicated projects may take several weeks or months.

There may be environmental concerns with piling services, mainly if the site is located in or near sensitive ecosystems. However, many piling contractors take steps to minimise their environmental impact, such as using low-emission equipment and minimising disturbance to the site.

Piling can be used for repairs and renovations, particularly if the existing foundation is damaged or unstable. Piling can provide a robust and stable foundation for the repaired or renovated structure.

Piling services can be used for residential construction, particularly in areas with poor soil conditions or where the ground is prone to shifting or settling. Piling can provide a strong foundation for homes and other residential structures.