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All our work force have extensive training and experience along with relevant accreditations specific to their role on site


Entrusting the task to experts is non-negotiable when it comes to laying the groundwork for your building projects. Alpha Piling Ltd stands out as a premier provider of professional piling in Manchester, offering unparalleled expertise in the region,

We employ the most powerful machines to transfer the weight of potential structures deep into the ground, ensuring robustness, equilibrium, and longevity.

Contact us to get long-lasting foundations and set the stage for enduring construction projects.

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Our Comprehensive Suite of Piling Services

At our company, we offer innovative piling solutions and durable concrete retaining wall structures for a variety of projects. From new residential constructions to commercial ventures, home extensions, and basement developments, we offer bespoke solutions for diverse needs. Our services include:

Mini Piling

Equipped with cutting-edge equipment and certified engineers, we offer versatile mini piling techniques like augered piling and drop weight piling. Our services cater to various applications, from retrofitting to waterfront structures, ensuring sturdy foundations for your projects. Our team of geotechnical and structural engineering experts excels in crafting tailored solutions for diverse on-site challenges.

CFA Piling

Alpha Piling is a leading provider of CFA piling solutions nationwide. With specialised CFA rigs and experienced groundwork contractors, we ensure cost-effective and reliable foundation construction for various projects. CFA piling stands out for its minimal vibration and noise, making it ideal for urban settings and adjacent structures.

Open Bored and Cased Rotary Piling

Our experts offer comprehensive open-bored and cased rotary piling services. Utilising specialised large-diameter piling rigs, we provide solutions for diverse ground conditions. Our licenced team employs advanced techniques to create robust piling foundations, adhering to industry regulations and standards.

Contiguous Retaining Walls

We provide expert services for contiguous wall piling, which is ideal for secure excavation projects and structural foundations. Our certified piling contractors in Manchester offer tailored solutions to support various applications, including deep basements, underpasses, and flood defence structures.

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How We Stand Out?

We stand out as a remarkable piling contractor in Manchester:

  • With over 1,000 completed projects under our belt, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results with an exceptional 99% client satisfaction rate.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of practical piling solutions, from bearing piles to contiguous and secant walls.
  • Equipped with the most advanced piling machinery tailored to each project’s requirements, we ensure efficient and precise execution.
  • Upon completion of piling works, we provide comprehensive documentation, including as-built records, concrete tickets, certificates for concrete cube tests, integrity test, and static load-bearing tests.
  • We are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, ensuring accessibility and responsiveness to our clients’ needs throughout the project duration.

How Does Our Piling in Manchester Operate?

Stage 1: Once you contact us, our team conducts a thorough site survey to gather essential data and assess project requirements.

Stage 2: We will discuss your project in detail, assign dedicated engineers, and prepare the necessary equipment for execution.

Stage 3: The actual construction phase begins, tailored to your specific land and building needs.

Stage 4: As the project nears completion, we conduct comprehensive testing and assessments to ensure adherence to specifications and quality standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Piling becomes necessary when ground conditions are found unsuitable beyond a depth of 2 metres, excavation expenses become prohibitive, foundation trenches exhibit instability, or when encountering a high water table. In such scenarios, piling emerges as a strategic choice to ensure structural stability and integrity.

Pile foundations thrive in specific soil conditions, with sandy and hard clay soils being particularly well-suited for this purpose. These soil types offer the stability and load-bearing capacity necessary to support pile structures effectively.

Determining the ideal spacing between piles involves considering various factors such as ground conditions, project requirements, and certain specifications. However, as a general guideline, it is recommended that the optimal spacing between piles be approximately three times their diameter.

You can either fill out the provided form on our website or give us a call directly at 01245 408742. Whether you need information about specific services or project details, our team is ready to assist you. Additionally, you can connect with us on LinkedIn to stay updated on our latest projects and industry insights.