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SFA (Sectional Flight Auger) piling is the process in which piles are drilled into the ground, followed by concrete pouring and steel cage installation. This technique is suitable for carrying out construction work in hard-to-reach areas where access and headroom are limited. It involves the addition and removal of augers during pile construction, helping to attain the required depth.

Alpha Piling LTD offers high quality services of SFA piling in Essex on which our customers can rely and trust. We have a team of certified engineers who provide state-of-the-art foundational solutions to domestic and commercial clients. Offering expert advice regarding the pile designing and installation process, we help you construct strong, reliable, and stable structural foundations for your property.

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What Benefits Does SFA Piling Offer?

SFA piling is a versatile solution, offering several benefits:

  • A cost-efficient solution.
  • Requires no bentonite, casing, or polymers.
  • Assists in construction work in restricted access areas.
  • Helps in building a strong and reliable structural foundation.
  • Offers resistance against compressive, lateral, and uplift loads.
  • Protects the already constructed building structures, ensuring earth retention.
  • Enables carrying out construction work on different types of soils, such as clay, gravel, sand, and silt.
  • Involves fewer disruptions, less noise, and no vibrations, making it an ideal solution for weak soils.

How Is SFA Piling Done?

SFA piling is a type of replacement piling which involves soil extraction before the pumping of liquid concrete under pressure. A hollow stemmed vertical screw or auger is used for forming the initial piles by boring into the earth to a certain level of required depth. Once the boring has been done, liquid concrete is poured in. Then, a steel cage is installed for forming the pile, and the auger is removed.

Where to Use the SFA Piling Technique?

Our licenced experts have years of experience carrying out SFA piling in varying conditions, such as:

  • Limited Headroom
  • Unobstructed Grounds
  • Unstable Ground Conditions
  • Logistically Constrained Sites

Additionally, it can be undertaken in different types of soil, including:

  • Clay
  • Gravel
  • Glacial Till
  • Weak Rock
  • Water-Bearing Sand
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As a leading SFA piling contractor in Essex, our company has an experienced team of professionals who provide premium-quality services to all clients. Our groundwork contractors have an adaptable, innovative, and flexible work approach to ensure every project is completed with guaranteed results and customer satisfaction. We have extensive years of experience building strong foundations for construction projects in different sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Piling is a technique by which foundations are bored or driven into the ground to prepare for construction. It is typically installed in grounds with poor and unstable soil or earth conditions. This technique stabilises the ground and ensures the even distribution of load.

SFA piling can be used in projects constructed on unstable ground conditions with limited headroom. This technique is usually used for housing, infrastructure, and industrial projects.

Typically, SFA piling is used for constructing different structures, such as include tunnels, roads, bridges, etc.

SFA piling helps in achieving a pile depth of up to 32m and diameters ranging from 300mm to 1000mm+.