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All our work force have extensive training and experience along with relevant accreditations specific to their role on site

Your search is over with Alpha Piling LTD, a trusted company in the UK, to serve all your needs. With experience of more than 1000 projects in 20 years, we are the leading mini piling contractors in Bedford.

We offer premium mini piling foundation solutions to ensure robust support for your infrastructure. It is a great alternative in the case of congested places where piling is not possible.

Our experienced and certified engineers, builders, and other specialists collaborate for bespoke solutions, offering a foundation that passes the tests of time. Whether you require mini piling for your new construction project or to reinforce the existing structure, contact Alpha Piling.

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Types of Mini Piling We Offer

We offer a wide range of mini piling solutions using techniques like CFA, SFA, and others, depending on the project requirements. Our mini piling services include the following:

Grundomat Driven Mini Piling: For home extensions and conversions, this type of mini piling is the best to go with. It offers minimum disruptions and maximum strength and can work greatly in congested spaces.

Drop Weight Mini Piling: They are great for projects where the foundation requires immense strength and load-bearing capacity. They can be driven to great depth and are suitable to work in areas with limited headroom.

Bored Case Mini Piling: It is a hybrid form of mini piling that includes the application of both bored and cased piles. Bored case mini piling is the best for sensitive environments where less noise and disruptions are a necessity.


Look at Our Extensive Process

At Alpha Piling, we carry out the following steps to ensure a seamless mini piling installation process and achieve high-level customer satisfaction.

Analysis: Our engineers and other experts start the process with a thorough site inspection. They analyse the ground type and discuss project requirements and other specifications to make a full-fledged plan.

Designing: On the basis of initial assessment and the project specifications, the designs are made. Our experts offer deep insights to ensure the design aligns with the project needs and budget.

Installation: In the next step, our builders start preparing the ground for mini piling. After the site is prepared, it is time to start the installation process. As per the devised technique, the mini piles are installed.

Post-Installation Tests: Once the installation process is completed, our experts run various tests to ensure the required results, i.e. the load-bearing capacity, strength, alignment and other key aspects of the foundation, are achieved.

Certifications: To ensure your peace of mind and help you avoid any inconvenience in future, we give you as-built records, copies of all concrete tickets, certificates for concrete cube tests, integrity tests and static load-bearing tests.

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Alpha Piling LTD. has been the epitome of excellence, trust and professionalism, serving all around the UK. We are inclusive in all our services, including but not limited to bearing piles, contiguous walls, secant walls, static load-bearing test piles & king posts for new builds, commercial developments, domestic extensions, and basements to meet all your foundation requirements.

We are a registered and licenced company serving for years. So, if you need perfection, experience, knowledge, and expertise in one place, partner with Alpha Piling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the benefits of mini piling in Bedford:

  • Suitable for diverse soil conditions
  • Minimum noise and vibrations
  • Easy and quick installation
  • A great alternative to piling in congested places
  • Time and cost-efficient
  • Robust foundation
  • Minimum disruption
  • Diverse applications

Mini piling can be used anywhere from residential to commercial projects, including but not limited to:

  • Conservatory bases
  • Urban constructions
  • Bridges
  • New builds
  • Industrial installation
  • Wind farms
  • Outbuildings
  • Office buildings
  • Underpinning
  • Remote sites
  • Historic restorations
  • Swimming pools
  • House extensions
  • Contiguous walls
  • Temporary foundations
  • Renovations
  • Retaining slopes and walls
  • Retrofitting waterfront structure

Its diameter can range from 300mm – 600mm. The pile length and diameter are decided as per the project requirements and other specifications.